King Victor Productions


From the set of "That Darn Bill"...

Jim strikes a pose

Jim and Robert share a laugh between takes

"The Dream Girls": Katherine and Nava

So, why isn't Jim smiling?

There, that's better.


Jim and Colin Miller take a break

Susan Franzblau

Jim and Susan between takes

Jim and his new "special friend"

Jim and Robert

Jim threatens Susan...and she seems to like it!

Jim...and a pair of seriously long socks

Jim and Wynn Reichert

Jim and Susan get cozy

Susan holds reflector board while Wynn tosses golf balls

Shirley...our "Jogging Lady"


In Memory of...

 Diane Heyden

1950 -2000


A Few Words From Jim

“I met Diane in 1989.  I was a photographer and she was an actress in need of new headshots.  What began as a professional relationship quickly turned into a nice friendship.  Over the years, we had dinners, watched movies, took walks, and had lots of laughs.  I even put her in a couple of my projects.  There was never anything romantic going on…we were just pals. 

In December ‘98, I went with Diane to pick up a Christmas tree.  We searched high and low, finally finding the perfect one.  So we lashed the little tree onto Diane’s convertible and took it back to her apartment.  We drank eggnog, listened to Christmas music, and trimmed the tree.  What neither of us realized at the time was that this would be Diane’s last Christmas at home.  She was sick, but there was optimism that her condition was improving. 

A year later she was in the hospital.  I visited when I could.  I was there on Thanksgiving.  I was there on her birthday (December 22), and I was there on Christmas.  We didn’t necessarily talk about much—she just wanted a friend in the room.   Me being me, I did my best to make her laugh.  Surprisingly, she laughed quite a bit.

I was with Diane on her final night.  She was unconscious, but I’m sure she knew I was there.  When it was time for me to leave, I kissed her on the cheek, and went home.  I planned to return the next day.  Diane died a few hours later.  It was January 4, 2000.  She was 49.  

I still drive past Diane’s apartment every so often.  When I do, it all comes back to me: the dinners, the movies, the laughs…and that perfect little Christmas tree.”