King Victor Productions


The Super-8 Years

 Come with us now as we take a fond look back at those carefree, creative days of Super-8 filmmaking. Here are a few highlights...


1978: Robert and Jim make their spy thriller A View to Kill.  Jim is the super secret agent and Robert is the baddie bent on destroying the world! 


A man of action!

Slugging it out with a bad guy!

On the prowl!

"Stay away from my car."

Robert explaining a camera set up

Robert sets up the Super-8 camera

A friendly moment between shots


1979: Robert and Jim made The Brown Gang (eventually re-titled The Last Ride).  They played Roy and Matt Brown, on-the-run outlaw brothers who decide to turn over a new leaf and go straight.  But things don’t go quite as planned and they are gunned down in the final scene.  So, does this sound like an ultra-low budget version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?  Well, perhaps…but if you’re going to steal, steal from the best! 

As the notorious – but very likable – outlaws Matt and Roy Brown

Roy and Matt…with the rest of their gang

On the run from the law, Matt and Roy pause to figure out where exactly they are!

Matt and Roy watch tensely as the posse closes in!

Robert lines up a shot


1980: Robert and Jim teamed up again for Dirty Johnny: Campus Cop.  This was the story of “Dirty” Johnny (portrayed by Jim), a high school campus cop who uses a .357 Magnum to keep the students on the straight and narrow.  “Better get your scrawny little butt to gym class, punk!”

Jim confers with Robert before the camera rolls